Tuesday, November 15th, 2011


This ingenious documentary follows the most unlikely man ever to be a detective, and his ham-fisted staff, as they tackle a wide ranging and often-bizarre set of cases. One minute they are tracking down counterfeit shampoo, the next following a cheating husband, and then a brutal triple murderer.  In between all this they find time to enter a Television Talent Dancing Show even though not a single one of then has any sense of rhythm, but they are still happy enough to be abused by the pretty female choreographer who forces them through their paces wearing quite ridiculously camp outfits.  And if this wasn’t enough the Detective’s young wife dies and we are treated (!) to the sight of a ritual Hindu Funeral Pyre.

Despite the fact that there are far too many strands of stories to follow, this movie is unreservedly truly delightful. If only US (or UK) Reality TV was half as natural and real as this,  it may even be worth watching.
This is on my list of ‘go see’, and do it before it gets the  ‘Hollywood Treatment’ as a major studio has purchased it to turn it into a Major Feature Film.  Lets only hope they pick Ms Zeta Jones to play the wife!

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