Sunday, May 26th, 2013

An Island Calling

The legacy of colonialism in Fiji led to a tragic end for gay couple John Scott and Greg Scrivener, who were brutally murdered in 2001. The Scotts, part of a long line of prominent white colonial Fijians, enjoyed privilege and status not afforded to the indigenous people. Post-independence, John attempted to rectify this by serving the island as the Director General of the Fiji Red Cross. But political unrest and the influence of evangelical Christianity combined to target John and his lover as victims of a horrific hate crime. The movie follows John’s brother, Owen, as he returns to Fiji to investigate the complex circumstances behind John’s death.

This is a compelling and extremely moving documentary and as you watch Owen Scott piece the story together your emotions run the full gamut with an overwhelming sense of sadness that gets overtaking by anger and frustration.
For all of us that lead a somewhat charmed life as openly gay men and women, this is yet another poignant reminder of how brutal hate and homophobia is out there. Excellently produced and immensely watchable.


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