Monday, May 6th, 2013

Greek Pete


Over 12 months the Director followed this passable good-looking rent boy whose best asset was almost 9’ long.  Sadly he’s not exactly bright, has an irritating personality, a loud mouth, and even more annoying are his group of extremely unattractive twinky rent boy friends.  The best bits were when Pete was naked, but not necessarily for the full on explicit sex where he appeared as bored as hell.
Nothing new here, and its’ a pity cos I think if Andrew Haigh, the director, had better casting it could have made for an interesting project.  And as a Brit I would worry that an US audience would think that none of us have ever seen the inside of a gym.  I know, its rather a shallow thought, but that’s what you get from a movie like this.
P.S. Mr Haigh totally redeemed himself with his next movie : the utterly superb ‘Weekend’.  I have no idea whatever happened to Pete!

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