Sunday, July 12th, 2015

You’re Killing Me

Joe is a serial killer.  He started with murdering small animals but now that he has been released from the Mental Institution he was ‘confined too’ he has progressed to adults. Mostly gay ones, particularly annoying ones, and they are several of them in this new slasher/romantic comedy about a group of self-absorbed gay men and their straight girlfriends in L.A. 
Joe starts his killing spree when the hot man he had been dating a whole week wanted to finally get him naked. His next boyfriend is George, who he first spots online in some episodes of his funny and cheesy web series and he decides to stalk him. George, who has a serious case of AHDD as well as been wrapped up in his own little world, just assumes that Joe is joking when he refers to the people he just keeps knocking off, and he treats the subject just like some running gag. Joe however is very serious especially about how much he already loves George,  so much so that he takes him home to meet his eccentric and totally disinterested parents.  When his mother raises an objection to the fact he has brought a stranger into the rather grand family mansion, it’s obvious that she too will be chopped up soon.
Love evidently conquers all (even when you are not getting laid) and when George finally wakes up to what is going on, he stands by his man. Well after he picks himself up after being knocked to the floor. After all what’s not to love about a cute man like Joe especially now that he is safely locked behind bars.
Directed and co-written by Jim Hansen who cut his filmmaking teeth as costume designer, the movie has a very interesting cast that includes Jeffery Self who co-wrote himself the part of George, and excellent actors such as Jack Plotnick (as Louis) and interesting handsome ones such as Matthew McKelligon as Joe.  
It is definitely a spirited and interesting attempt to combine the two genres in this way but it somehow feels like it needs more blood and gore to please the slash horror crowd, and definitely more comedy that is actually funny to become the camp romp that it sets out to be.

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Genres:  dramedy

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