Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

Soft Lad

22 year old David has been secretly sleeping with his older sister’s husband Jules and now wants to parlay the affair into a proper relationship. That is obviously never going to happen, so a sulky David takes himself off to a gay Club and within five minutes meets Sam who will become the second man that he has ever slept with, but the first one to declare his love just two months when he says he wants to get serious.  Fanfare to announce a potential happy-ever-after ending, but before that can (or cannot) happen there is a big reveal that will change all the characters lives for ever. 
It is all a rather over-wrought melodrama which for a contemporary LGBT story had a surprisingly dated ending. Hampered by a script that is peppered with cliches which seemed to be a cue to the talents actors to ham it all up just a tad too much. 


This Brit micro-budget indie gay movie that is brimming over with such good intentions is the creation of actor turned filmmaker Leon Lopez making his directing debut.  Lopez is best known for being in “Brookside”, a long running Brit soap opera, and in fact has culled his well-known cast from other TV soaps.  David is played by newbie actor Jonny Labey from “Eastenders”, David’s sister Jane is played by Suzanne Collins who cut her teeth on “Brookside”, and Daniel Brocklebank playing Jules has been in “Coronation Street” for the past couple of years. 
Despite Lopez’s earnest effort, Soft Lad would have been better suited for TV screens, and given all of their combined resumes, maybe as part of a Soap Opera. 

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