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Flat-US-Cover-copyWe quickly learn from this intriguing new movie from Chucho E. Quintero a very young Mexican filmmaker, that two very important events are possibly about to happen. First gay teenager Alex wants to have sex with his straight best friend Diego before the day is out, and secondly the world is about to end. Literally. We’re never quite sure why the Apocalypse is about to occur now, but throughout the day as the two boys tease each other relentlessly, we keep hearing official announcements warning people to be ready for the impending doom.
However as the two boys wander somewhat aimlessly around the almost deserted streets, their minds are on nothing else but sex. Alex relates all of his past conquests, which we see in a series of flashbacks, and he shares the fact that he has been too scared to have anal intercourse yet, and that he wants to lose that particular virginity with Diego.  He on the other hand, whilst talking about his exploits with his girlfriend in some graphic detail, is at the same time  teasing Alex by flashing him glimpses of his naked butt, and even kissing him.
The boys even discuss their sexuality with Diego insisting that he is ‘old-fashioned’ and that he believes gays are gay and straights and straights, but Alex who has had sex with men who claim to be the latter, insists that sexual desire is much more fluid these days.  Its interesting that even though Diego wants Alex to believe that his rigid views are correct, it is very obvious that he has some very deep feelings for his best friend.  The fact that he chose to share what could be the last hours on earth with him and not his girlfriend, speaks volume.
velociraptor-2sIt is an interesting and very unusual backdrop for the boys coming-of-age dilemma, but even so as they act like they are totally unafraid an oblivious to the larger picture, and they focus on just sorting out their feelings with each other.  Quintero cast two unknown first time actors who gave very fresh convincing performances who managed to keep us invested in the outcome to the very end (at which we obviously cannot reveal, other than to say, it was a rewarding journey).
The title Velociraptor comes from a comic book the boys read : it is also the name of a dinosaur.

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