Monday, May 30th, 2016

I Love You Both

bg6st0zzFraternal twins 20 year-old-somethings Donny and Krystal are a little too wrapped in each other’s life to the point of it being claustrophobic, and also more than a tad unhealthy.  They live together in a small apartment with adjoining bedrooms from where they can share every single thought with each other. Krystal is still carrying a torch for her ex boyfriend who she still works with, and twins both single are so desperately short of friends they even socialize together. On one rare night when they go to a party they both immediately spot and fall for a rather scruffy hipster called Alex. 

He in turn seems to like both of them but as he doesn’t actually verbalize his feelings a great deal, the twins have to resort to imagining what he must be thinking.  The fact when they individually go out for a drink with him and he fails to put the moves on them, they both somehow assume that he likes them. It’s even more confusing when Alex invites them both out to the same party to meet his friends and they discover that in the past he has dated both boys and girls.

Soon after Donny assumes that he is the one to be courted by Alex, then Krystal actually discovers that she is in fact the object of his affection, but now its too late as she cares more about not hurting her sibling than catching a new beau for herself.  They both run to their rather eccentric mummy who they feel has the answer to every situation, which compared to the cast of other oddball characters, she probably does.

This rather disappointing and strained comedy is the work of twins Kristin & Doug Archibald who not only wrote/directed and starred in it, but they also recruited their mother Charlene Archibald to play their on screen mother in her first ever acting role.  It’s all a little too inward-looking and un-balanced that for example, by the time they/we discover who Alex really fancies, they have dragged it out far too long for us to really care.

This well-meaning wee film so desperately needed someone who wasn’t an Archibald to give them some pointers that could have avoided this rather incestuous plot falling into the trap as coming off as just some sort of vanity project. 

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Genres:  dramedy

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