Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

gendr app : a safe space for the queer community


GENDR claims to be the world’s very first app created for the gender variant and queer community. They aim to provide a safe space to discuss current events, swap advice, share life experiences  plus chat, private message & share photos with other members.

It is a subscription service which costs just $5 a month.   The organizers have insisted that the price only exists so that it can filter out users that aren’t using it in earnest. Co-creator Barry Brandon told Out Magazine “[The membership] raises the value of the GENDR experience when we know everyone is invested in keeping the vibe cool and supportive.”

According to the FAQ on their website http://www.gendr.com  the GENDR community talks about Gender & Sexual Identity; Authentic Living, including transition tips, makeup tutorials & gender neutral apparel; Breaking News on trending topics like human rights, equal rights & political issues; Health Resources, including medical advances & GENDR community-supportive hotlines: Nightlife & Clubbing; Trends in fashion, food & entertainment: Travel Tips for community-friendly destinations.

Best of all it promises NO Trolling, and let’s just hope they can keep to that too.


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