Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

gendr app : a safe space for the queer community


GENDR claims to be the world’s very first app created for the gender variant and queer community. They aim to provide a safe space to discuss current events, swap advice, share life experiences  plus chat, private message & share photos with other members.

It is a subscription service which costs just $5 a month.   The organizers have insisted that the price only exists so that it can filter out users that aren’t using it in earnest. Co-creator Barry Brandon told Out Magazine “[The membership] raises the value of the GENDR experience when we know everyone is invested in keeping the vibe cool and supportive.”

According to the FAQ on their website  the GENDR community talks about Gender & Sexual Identity; Authentic Living, including transition tips, makeup tutorials & gender neutral apparel; Breaking News on trending topics like human rights, equal rights & political issues; Health Resources, including medical advances & GENDR community-supportive hotlines: Nightlife & Clubbing; Trends in fashion, food & entertainment: Travel Tips for community-friendly destinations.

Best of all it promises NO Trolling, and let’s just hope they can keep to that too.

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