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Carmen Herrera : 101 Years Old and still making Art.


One of the current Exhibitions on at the Whitney Museum of Modern Art in NY is Carmen Herrera : Lines of Sight. The fact that you may not have heard of this Cuban-American minimalist abstract artist is not because she is a new kid on the block,  but just the fact that for most of her career her paintings of brightly colored geometric shapes sadly went unnoticed.

Carmen Herrera is 101 years old, and although she has been painting for decades, and was a contemporary of Barnett Newman, Ellsworth Kelly and Yves Klein,  unlike them, success passed her by and she never even made her first sale until she was 89 years old. Now her phenomenally beauty body of work is finally getting the recognition she deserves, and just before this retrospective at the Witney she had her first solo show in the US for a decade at the Lisson Gallery.

This remarkable talented artist also shows no sign of slowing up and every single morning after her ritual café con leche, Herrera sits at her work table at one end of the loft she’s lived in for 50 years and gets to work creating new art .   Her pieces are often very larger than her so with with the help of an assistant her drawings are amplified to fill the canvases. As they have all been for the past seven decades,  they all deal with Herrera’s obsession with figuring out variations on the straight line.










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In 2015 filmmaker Alison Klayman made an award-winning documentary short on Herrera called  The Hundred Years Show.

Carmen Herrera : Lines of Sight :  Sept 16, 2016–Jan 2, 2017

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