Saturday, February 4th, 2017

Queer City

This totally fascinating documentary from Filmmaker Draper Shreeve follows a highly diverse group of individual queer men and women living in New York as it seeks out to uncover many aspects of contemporary urban LGBTQ life and culture.  His selection of disparate stories does not seek to cover every side of our community,  but does in fact offer a compelling portrait of some new American lives.

Shreeve’s subjects include an old-school gay man NY State Senator Tom Duane as he prepares for re-election; an 81 year old ex Brit art historian who is a bit of recluse ; an intellectual lesbian couple who treat their 11 year-old-twins as young adults; TJ a butch lesbian from Brooklyn who has an impeccable memory when it comes to recounting the details of all her past loves; Eric a fiercely articulate and charming Haitian/American trans who puts great faith in his mother and his spirituality ; and Mr Pam a very successful female director of gay porn who directs three really hot in a very explicit threesome (sadly off-camera). It is in fact ‘Mr Pam’ who holds the most forthright dialogue on her very refreshing take on changing attitudes to sexuality in particular that is a real highlight of the movie itself.

All of the stories are totally engaging and Shreeve somewhat randomly weaves them together in a most effective manner that makes for very compelling viewing.   Beautifully photographed and imbued with both compassion and humor, its the perfect window into a NY that anyone of us would want to be a part of.

P.S.  Queer City is available to view via https://flixpremiere.com/


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