Sunday, July 23rd, 2017

Matchmaker, Matchmaker make me a Match

When all else fails looking for Mr Right (as opposed to Mr Right now) then maybe you should turn off all your Apps, put your computer down, and actually talk to a human being who wants to help you in your search.  And we are not talking about your Mother. 

There is a brand new website, currently in its trial period, that uses an algorithm to divide users into groups based on factors such as age and geographical location. Users are asked to identify their gender as well as their sexual and romantic attraction to men and women on a sliding scale. But then  …. and here is the real novelty  … human matchmakers make the actual matches within those groups.

There are no public profiles for you to browse through so you remain anonymous until you get your match.  Yes, you read that correctly, it is match in the singular. The creator of the program claims because you get one single quality match, it means a lot more and you’ll take it seriously.

There is a small catch of course (but isnt there always?).  To participate you have to be Jewish. Not necessarily Orthodox, but just somewhere along the spectrum.  And queer too as the new service Saw You At Stonewall (playing off the name of the popular Jewish straight dating service Saw You At Sinai, ) is for LGBTQI folk.

The new service was  created by a Joanna Halpern, an undergraduate student at McGill University who identifies as a Jewish lesbian, and is currently in the testing state.  More details at http://beta.sawyouatstonewall.com/

Mazel tov.

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