Monday, November 27th, 2017

Wynwood can bring out the artist in you


Don’t want to cope with all the crowds in  Miami’s Wynwood Art District next week when Art Basel moves into town, then why don’t you stay at home and let the art come to you?

Not only can you create the same art (well almost the same) as in the colorful murals that hug all the walls in Wynwood, but by buying your very own Wynwood Coloring Book you’ll also be helping people in real need too.  Diego Orlandini the handsome hunk behind this scheme tells us that they are ‘the Toms Shoes of coloring books’ as for every single book they sell they give away one free educational textbook to a needy Third World Community. 


Orlandini who lives in Wynwood, got the idea when his then current girlfriend gave  him a coloring book to de-stress him.  He liked it so much that he kept the idea, but not the girl, and started approaching a wealth of wonderfully talented local artists whose work is already on view all over the district to help him create his first Wynwood coloring book.

It instantly sold out, so now there is  a second edition that is bigger and better, and simply encourages everyone to awaken their inner artist.   It’s yours for just $25 from and who knows, maybe your finished piece will be hanging in Art Basel next year.


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