Saturday, December 2nd, 2017

Send In The Clowns : a visit to The Bass

The Bass, Miami Beach’s leading contemporary Art Museum has just re-opened after a spectacular  $12 million transformation by architects Arata Isozaki and David Gauld,with two brand new exciting Exhibits.  With Art Basel just about to literally annex the entire city, it seemed then the perfect time to check the ‘new’ Bass out.

At the core of his Show, Ugo Rondinone a renowned Swiss media artist based in New York , has included a vocabulary of solitude. It is presented here by 45 sculptures that personify the various actions a human may perform throughout the span of a day.

be. breathe. sleep. dream. wake. rise. sit. hear. think. stand. walk. pee. shower. dress. drink. fart. shit. read. laugh. cook. smell. taste. eat. clean. write. daydream. remember.  cry. nap. touch. feel. moan. enjoy. float. love. hope. wish. sing. dance. fall.  curse. yarn. undress. lie.

Walking into the long gallery,  the mere sight of his stunning installation is totally awe-inspiringly beautiful that it can literally leave you speechless for a while. 













The third, and final space of Rondinone’s  presents an immersive six-channel video installation titled :

Its late and the wind carries a faint sound as it moves through the trees. It could be anything. The jingling little bells perhaps, of the tiny flickering out of tiny lives. I stroll down the sidewalk and close me eyes and open them and wait for my mind to go perfectly blank. Like a room that no-one has entered , a room without any doors or windows. A place where nothing happens.




OCT 29,2017-FEB 19,2018

The Bass Museum of Art 
2100 Collins Avenue 
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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