Friday, January 5th, 2018

Brent Roy Fraser paints pictures with his penis


Brent Ray Fraser is a cam model and a stripper, but first and foremost he is an artist.  And a very unusual one at that as he likes to make his pictures just using his penis and his balls.  He calls them his ‘nutsack’ paintings which are self portraits that he is quite rightly very proud off, but there again if you look at a photo of him at work, you will clearly see his very impressive equipment is second to none.

This all came to light when he was filming Charlie David’s series all about having healthy genitalia called BALLS , and he revealed all to a rather surprised director  Nico Stagis. It all started after a serious health scare some 12 years ago when he started talking a keener interest in his own body. Even though he is totally naked when he creates his pieces he insists they are art and not pornography.   In fact he actually confessed to not being interested in sexual relationships with people anymore,  and as an ‘Artsexualist’ is married to his art.


Watch the whole series of BALLS free on You Tube

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