Saturday, January 20th, 2018

How To Become a (Democratic) Party Animal


The discussion about the relevance of Gay Bars in today’s culture rears its head every time yet another one closes its doors for the last time.  Spiralling costs are always mentioned, but most of the time Grindr and other online hookup sites take the bulk of the blame.  Sometimes it is simply easier for Bar owners to trot out these reasons as excuses to hide the fact that they simply failed to stay relevant and actually change with the needs of today’s clients/patrons.

At queerguru, however, we love to write about LGBT Bars and Clubs who have not only kept up with the times but actually, make such a positive contribution to our community for which they are rewarded with a loyal and faithful clientele who very happily turn up night after night.

Once such place is the Bar at Hotel Gaythering, Miami Beach’s only gay hotel.  Since Alex Guerra and his husband opened the Hotel a few years ago they have packed their schedule with events that one would never expect at a gay bar such as Art Gaysel (check out our report HERE).  Tonight they are hosting an Event which is very close to our hearts (as it should be for every LGBT person concerned about our rights) with the Miami-Dade LGBT Democratic Caucus having an evening to kick off this election year.

Now more than ever we all need to be involved in some shape or form for the Midterm Elections to give us the right result to re-claiming our country back. Even it is just ensuring that we (and all our friends ) are registered to vote, but the real point of the event is to turn us all into  (Democratic) party animals.

If you cannot attend tonight’s event check out to see how you can get involved, or go to google to find the nearest Democrat LGBT caucus to where you live.

And check out the schedule of Hotel Gaythering too as they don’t take life so seriously all of the time, and see for yourself why YELP voted them the 9th Best Gay Bar in the U.S.

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