Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

Stand By Your Man


Is it our imagination or does Randy Rainbow actually get better and better with each new song parody? In this obscene political climate where every shred of morality has long been disposed of, and the daily real news from Trump’s obscene White House is a torrent of nightmarish lies and abuse, we desperately need the likes of Randy Rainbow to make us laugh in a bid to help keep our sanity (and he does it so brilliantly)

The situation under this Administration is no longer about which political party you support ….. its gone way beyond that.  It’s now simply a matter of wanting to hang on to the true values of decency and respect for all our fellow men and keeping steadfast knowing that one day soon, this time will pass, and this country will move forward and forget the cause of this all who will be by then  languishing alone  in Jail.

Meanwhile, there is always our beloved Randy Rainbow 

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