Monday, February 12th, 2018

Wish We Were There : BUTT MITZVAH The Baby Shower


OY GAYVALT the time has come for the Ultimate Cumming of Age extravaganza.

Combining comedy, clubbing, live music, drag and chopped liver for a not-so-traditional take on the ancient Jewish ritual, Buttmitzvah is not to be missed.

On Saturday, March 10th we’re going bigger than Jesus. We’ve got a massive Jewish dancing session, performance from iconic 90s boyband BOYZ, kosher-ish catering, comedian Candy Gigi, klezmer, matchmaking drag kings, Bubbah’s Bagel Corner, and the grand unveiling of a brilliant new talent show, ST✡RS OF DAVID IN THEIR EYES. Snap up tickets while stocks last!

Now the big announcement: The Rimmers & The Clitovitzes are celebrating a brand new arrival, and proudly invite you to the first ever Buttmitzvah Baby Shower. Yup, there’s a bun in the oven – hopefully not unleavened. But who’s the daddy? Stay tuned.

Plus, we’re offering ‘BUY ONE GET MUM FREE‘ tickets. Yup, we want you to bring your mums, dads & bubbahs – for free. Message us & we’ll save your loved ones a seat at the Top Table.

DRESSCODE: Black Tie & Ballgowns. This is a Buttmitzvah for G-d’s sake, not a windy weekend in West Finchley.

 EVERYONE WELCOME: Jews, Gentiles, Chosen Ones, Unchosen Ones. This is a nudnik-free function for anyone who’s been to a Bar or Bat Mitzvah – and anyone who’s never been but always wanted to.

Sign up for future Buttmitzvah news & tickets before they sell out http://eepurl.com/cM9bWv

Reprinted from BUTTMITZVAH Facebook page: this is THE best ever fun that queer Jews and goyim ever had together. 

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