Thursday, March 8th, 2018

Queer Tango


Argentinian dancers Francisco Solá and Lucrecio Robledo are excellent exponents of the art of Queer Tango. Wikipedia defines this as  “to dance the Argentine tango without regard to the traditional heteronormative roles of the dancers, and often to exchange the leader and follower roles. Therefore it is related to open role or same-sex tango. The queer tango movement permits not only an access to tango for the LGBT community but also supports female leaders and male followers, regardless of orientation”.

Whatever the definition is, we just know that this stunning sensual form of dance when performed by these talented men, is as hot as hell.

The first video is 3º Gymnopédie, and the second one is A Don Agustín Bardi  In both Francisco Solá and Lucrecio Robledo are directed by Carla Gutiérrez Yáñez and photographed  by Belén Gutiérrez Yáñez

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