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17-year-old Miku (Mikko Kauppila ) has been hanging on to his virginity so Sebi (Juho Keskitalo) his big brother arranges a party with the sole purpose of getting him laid the moment their parents leave town for the summer. That, and having the biggest rave that this sleepy Finnish town has ever seen.

A very reluctant Miku goes along with the plan and even allows the pushy girl from next-door to take ‘his cherry’.  However before he can even think about the consequence his parents unexpected come back the following day to discover that the house has been wrecked during the course of the party, and as a punishment throw away his cell-phone and now insist he spends the whole summer with them in their remote country cottage. 

Their nearest neighbors there are Sini (Amanda Virolainen) and a son Miku’s age called Elias (Valtteri Lehtinen) who visits to welcome them to the neighborhood.

He is, however, confident, worldly, experienced and completely spontaneous which is the total opposite of Miko who soon finds himself attracted to his new friend.  The fact that Elias had lent him his own phone which contained a naked picture of him, sealed the deal.

When their relationship gets physical and steamy, it soon becomes obvious that these two very different young men will not be on the same page as to how it is all going to pan out.  The real question is, who will end up calling the shots when the summer draws to an end?

This second feature film from writer/director Nils-Erik Ekblom is from a country which strangely, despite last year’s Tom Of Finland, produces very few LGBT movies  Screwed is a realistic and an engaging coming-of-age although obviously shot on a micro-budget.  However, what it lacks in technical productions, it makes up for with the energy and enthusiasm of the two young lead actors that make the piece so watchable.


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