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This debut feature from Berlin-based Canadian filmmaker Drew Lint is an edgy experimental thriller that appears to be loosely based on his own life.

Matthew (Antoine Lahaie) a drifting Canadian has settled into a new life in Berlin but has become increasingly lonely.  One day he meets Mathias (Nicolas Maxim Endlicher) a very good looking German who makes a living being a model for statutes. After their first Grindr exchange, Matthew becomes totally obsessed with the charismatic stranger and starts to stalk him.

Lint’s metaphysical drama draws a fine line between reality and imagination so part of the obsession plays out in Matthew’s mind making the narrative even more intriguing.

The young Canadian’s intense infatuation takes on a different turn when Matthew starts to ape Matthias in any way he can.  First, he cuts his hair in an identical fashion, then starts to wear the same clothes, but then after Matthias is hospitalized after a near-fatal motorbike accident, Matthew seizes the opportunity to actually subsume his life.   

Fiction is much weirder than reality, but this is the life that Matthew prefers.

Lint has said that this film is all about an outsider’s opportunity to embrace any new identity that he feels that he wants, and has deliberately shaped his take on that by straddling the divide between drama,  video art, and music video.  His two young talented leads are also perfect eye candy which certainly provides a good distraction when the plot, despite the infusion of techno music, seems to almost grind to a halt at times.

There seems more than a nod to queer filmmaker Greg Araki in this quirky movie, and it will definitely appeal to LGBT viewers who like erotic dramas that really stretch their imagination, and maybe patience too.

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