Monday, April 16th, 2018

Still Waiting In The Wings

How can we put this nicely?  Still Waiting In The Wings is one of those sequels that should never have been made.  We may be very slightly to blame as in 2014 we finished our review of the original Waiting In The Wings with “It’s funny, cute, silly and highly enjoyable with a high-octane energy that makes you want to forgive some of the hammy acting and the few wince-making scenes that somehow escaped the editor’s scissors.”  Now with a new director  Q. Allan Brocka (the Eating Out movies) and new co-writer  Arie Gonzalez, this very lame and unfunny piece really seem to focus on now just producing as many wince-making scenes as possible.

The plot is an extension of the original film with fresh naive Montana boy Anthony (Jeffrey A. Johns) still wanting to be a big star in Broadway, or anywhere else, and currently working as a singing waiter in a cafe in Times Square.  Now he has the support of his extremely handsome boyfriend Tim (Adam Huss ) a stripper who works in a rather pure and pristine club.

However, Anthony’s rather cozy life is interrupted when  Bradley (Joe Abraham) a very pushy new boy becomes the latest addition to the singing waiter line up and is determined to steal all of Anthony’s job prospects and his boyfriend too.

The stream of cameos from some wonderful veteran stars such as Chita Rivera. Ed Asner, Carole Cook, Sally Struthers and Lee Meriwether provide some bright spots, but they alone are not enough to save this drama The musical numbers are by far the best part of the whole affair, and credit to the team of talented actors who appear to be having fun performing them.  It’s just impossible to escape the overwhelming feeling that you are caught in the middle of a well-meaning local amateur drama group as they perform in front of a film crew and their friends and family who will naturally forgive them anything, and this is the end result. 


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