Friday, May 18th, 2018

Big Law for Big Boys (and Girls)

Jack Tracy the very funny  (and hardly unattractive) man behind the hit LGBTQ web series  HISTORY is today launching his latest web comedy BIG LAW which once again, is loosely based on his own personal experiences. Not a man known to do things by halves, Tracy is the show’s executive producer, writer, director and also a featured actor.

Big Law” is a  scripted LGBT comedy series that explores the bleak world of corporate law through the eyes of a new class of paralegals, In furtherance of Tracy’s Necessary Outlet Productions’ mantra–Gay Characters, Universal Content–the show proudly features two gay actors and two trans actresses in lead roles.T

The series follows Pete (Brandon Salerno, Marvelous Ms Maisel–Truman), a new paralegal in his first days at Stark Arkob Wilby & Hammerschmidt LLP.  An out gay man in the white-shoe law firm world–and proud to tell you that he was a theatre major and the only male hostess at Outback Steakhouse–Pete befriends firm legacy hire Julian (Adam Magnacca) and hard worker Pengyu (Matheus Ting) at orientation and swiftly gets collected by mid-level associate Zoe (Alexandra Rey, Divorce)–a straight woman equal parts beautiful and evil.  

But Pete’s main goal is to befriend the first trans person he’s ever met–Zara (Freya Thunderheart).  “I’m diversity gold my friend, no one’s fucking with me here,” Zara declares on whether she–apologies, her pronouns are ‘queece‘ and ‘quay’–can survive Stark Arkob.   Trans comedian Jaye McBride co-stars as senior attorney Molly.    

The first hilarious episode is now available to view at .and there are another 5 to follow shortly.  Meanwhile, here is the trailer for the series.



P.S. You can also check out our recent interview with Jack Tracy HERE

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