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Boys On Film 18: Heroes


The Boys On Film series of DVD’s of curated anthologies of short LGBTQ films by leading UK film distributors Peccadillo have always been firm favourites  of  QUEERGURU and we are sure that this collection will be one too especially as it features the hot rising star of the moment Josh O’Connor (God’s Own Country, soon to be shown TV mini-series of Les Miserables and just announced role of Prince Charles in the TV series Season 3 of The Crown).

From the ten movies on this 18th compilation called HEROES, we chose three as our own Top Picks.

DANIEL  (UK, 2015, 14 mins)
Director: Dean Loxton.  Starring Balázs Csémy, Henry Garrett (Poldark) and Éva Magyar (X-Men: First Class)

This is a beautifully filmed mesmerizing short film, well acted and with a short sharp shock ending which certainly surprised this viewer. Dániel is a student in London and to make some cash works as an escort. He attends a family lunch where his best friend, Nori introduces everyone to her new boyfriend which has an outcome that is quite surprising.

Half A Life (Egypt, Indonesia, USA, Netherlands, 2017, 12 mins )      Director: Tamara Shogaolu

Pairing the intimate narration of a young, Egyptian gay activist with a highly stylized animation, the film brings the streets of Cairo to life through this firsthand account of the increasingly oppressive social climate of Egypt.

This wonderful animation coupled with news footage is outstanding and keeps you on the edge of your seat until the final credits roll.  It is a film that contains information that we are sure many do not realize about concerning the laws regarding homosexuality there.

Half A Life should be shown everywhere possible:  cinema, TV, schools, youth groups etc wherever is necessary to make people aware of the horrors that happen in Egypt and many other countries one suspects.


THE COLOUR OF HIS HAIR  (UK. 2017, 23 mins )                  Director: Sam Ashby.

Starring BAFTA-nominated Josh O’Connor (God’s Own Country)
Based on an unrealized film script written in 1964, when homosexuality is still illegal, The Colour of His Hair merges drama and documentary into an impressionistic meditation on queer life before and after the partial legalization of homosexuality in 1967.

This film did hold much promise considering the talent concerned however, the quite stilted performances from the two actors which may have been dictated by the period text was slightly off-putting


Also included are:

BUDDY  (The Netherlands, 2015, 12 mins)   Director: Niels Bourgonj

UNDRESS ME  (Sweden, 2013, 15 mins) Directed by Victor Lindgren.

SILLY GIRL (UK, 2016, 5 mins)  Director: Hope Dickson Leach.

AN EVENING (Denmark, 2016, 10 mins) Director: Søren Green.

AIDS: DOCTORS AND NURSES TELL THEIR STORIES (UK, 2017, 26 mins)    Director: Alejandro Medina

IT’S CONSUMING ME (Germany, 2012, 3 mins) Director: Kai Staenicke

MOTHER KNOWS BEST (Sweden, 2016, 13 mins)  Director: Mikael Bundsen


Peter Harrington, Contributing Editor, is the retired Senior Designer for a leading fashion house which will remain nameless. He’s an avid connoisseur for the finer things in life particularly in all branches of the Arts. Once a habitué of Tangier, he now resides at the wrong end of Kings Road in London with his husband Alessandro and their precious pug Samba.

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