Monday, May 14th, 2018

Steve Grand helps Michael Medrano to ‘Heal’


Openly gay singer and songwriter Michael Medrano has released a new music video  Heal which is a pulsing, irresistible slice of melancholy dance-pop.   What makes it extra special is that it features guest vocals from music star, Steve Grand.

This is 24-year-old Medrano’s third single, and he says that a previous relationship was the inspiration behind the song. ‘Everything I write is based on my real life experiences. I was in a really toxic relationship and just had what felt like the last fight. I sat on his bathroom floor and just kept asking myself, “How are we gonna come back from this? How are we gonna heal?”.

‘At one point I just kept repeating, “How are we gonna heal?”, over and over again and the song started to write itself. It really is so interesting how you can find beauty in the worst situations.

Medrano reached out to Steve Grand with the first demo of Heal and told him that he’d like his participation on the song, and Grand was quick to say that as he loved the song, he would be happy to be part of the project.

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