Monday, June 11th, 2018


All photos by David Belisle.


There are several ways to tell that summer has finally arrived in Provincetown but for Queerguru the real tell-tell sign is when Miss Dina Martina rolls into Town with another of her deliciously bizarre shows of hers.  She is unquestionably our favorite tragic singer, horrible dancer, and surreal raconteur, and judging by the raucous packed crowd at the Crown & Anchor’s Paramount Room, last night we are far from alone.

We are never ever sure what to expect from her as she has a magically warped mind that strings together the most obscure cultural references that litter her songs and outrageously wonderful monologues.  From the moment she hits the stage in gold lame shoes that are only half her size and in her big reveal dress (!) and is torturing the first twisted song, you simply never stop laughing ….. and not gently too.


The word ‘genius’ is too often misappropriated these days when it comes to entertainers but this large lumpy ‘lady’ has truly made it her own. Nowhere more evident than in her ‘Sound of Music’ side-splitting wickedly funny medley that must have had both poor Rogers and Hammerstein turning over in the graves. 

After 14 years performing in this ‘ashtray of a town’, it is still impossible to predict what Dina’s new show will consist off.  We know for sure that there will not be a ‘theme’ as she abhors them as ‘they only lead to expectations’.

So without spoiling any of the surprises, we can at least tell that you that we love her video ‘Dina Marina re-working pop hits of the 1980’s.’  However, by far the finest part of the whole evening for us was a ludicrously funny story about her best friend Doreen’s boyfriend with a most unusual occupation.

It is always hard to completely convey the true essence of her originality and as usual we struggle to find the appropriate words to adequately capture her very unusual talent  Dina Martina is a unique and unpredictable performer who is very much an acquired taste and should be experienced at least once by everyone, because for no other reason, than that she really is off the charts.


DINA MARTINA: CRÈME DE LE DREGS A Collection of New Stories & Used Songs

06/01/18 - 09/15/18 The Crown & Anchor 

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