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He reports the matter to the local Police Station where they advise him that he must wait 24 hours for the investigation to get active. Whilst he is hanging around town Norberto meets Arnau (Raúl Portero) anther ex-pat Spaniard who is working in Iceland as a tourist guide, and when the Police tell Norberto that they have traced Bruno to a small northern town, Arnau insists on going on the ride with Norberto.

Grimsey, named after a tiny island of the mainland where Bruni has holed up, is an intriguing and somewhat disquieting road-movie in which the filmmakers Richard Garcia and Raul Portero deliberately include large unexplained parts of the plot to keep us guessing,  A lot of the story unfolds in flashbacks when we see the lovers relationship in happier times and then as it starts to fall apart. 

With limited dialogue, we are never really sure of why Norberto is insisting on carrying on with the search even when its headed to the desolate island where no one wants to go. And then is the painfully lonely Arnau who has his own aspirations for what he would like to achieve on this long road trek.

The setting of Iceland is stunning and the cinematographer goes out of his way to show us its beautiful bleakness, but it would all have been better served without its rather erratic and somewhat annoying editing.

Grimsey is an unusually intimate tale of love and loss and how we deal with grief in our own different ways .  Whilst we may not completely sympathize with Norberto’s intentions (or his choice in sweaters) we can at least feel his pain which is very real indeed.



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