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Indoor Boys


The joy of discovering an award-winning LGBT web series just as the second season is released is that you can binge-watch the whole thing and are not left with the dilemma of wondering whatever  happened next.  Almost 

Indoor Boys is a wonderfully entertaining tale of a gay ‘Odd Couple’ : best friends & awkward roommates  who want to take their relationship to a romantic and sexual level, if only their addiction to Social Media didn’t keep getting in their way,  

Created by and starring Wesley Taylor and Alex Wyse, the first series is set in a swanky LA apartment that Nate’s (Wyse) parents had brought him.  There is only one bedroom so they sleep platonically side by side unless Luke (Taylor) has hooked up and then Nate has to retreat to the couch.  That is until one day they try to figure out the boundaries of their no-boundaries friendship.

The second series sees the pair now in NY living separately but dealing with the fact that Jake had left LA almost immediately after they had finally slept together.  

Once again all the drama takes place inside their apartments as like the title indicates, they are essentially both home bodies.  However Into the mix this time around are two sets of meddling parents, impressively played by some very talented veteran actors . We are never sure whether they can help keep this couple together or apart, and Jake and Nate themselves keep us guessing until the very end.

Each fast paced five minute episode is packed with funny one-liners and their quick retorts, but underneath all this glorious  humor is an age old problem that so many gay men have  encountered at one time or another in their lives.  How far should one go with a best friend that you have other feelings for.

Inside Out is funny and fresh, helped by the fact the very talented Wyse and Taylor are disarmingly charming too.  The well-rounded characters they created and play are convincingly real , and in fact Wyse deservedly pick up the 2018 Indie Series Award winner for Best Actor in a Comedy .

Will there be a Series 3?  Well Queerguru hopes so, because we know that the story should not have ended like that.

All episodes can be viewed free at here though is Series 1 Episode 1 to  get you hooked .


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