Friday, August 10th, 2018

It’s Big, It’s Beautiful and It’s Back


Every gay man who has a sentimental bone in his body will have a favorite romantic comedy that he has watched over and over again ….. even though he may never admit it.  This was the subject of a very heated discussion in the Queerguru Office, but at the end of the day, we all agreed on the one gay film that we love unreservedly.  That movie is Trick, directed by Jim Fall, almost 20 years ago

Now it seems we are actually going to finally see what happened next to the one-night-stand that gave us all a few anxious moments, and for which the legendary Miss Coco Peru gave us a masterclass in how to be bitter.  Take a look at this scene and see why Miss Coco won over our hearts forever.



If you have never seen Trick (shame on you) then it is the story of Gabriel (Christian Campbell) a handsome geeky office boy  by day and  aspiring Broadway composer at night who attracts the attention  of Mark  (Jean Paul Pitoc) a hot-to-trot GoGo dancer.  The two of them decide they want to hook up and then what follows is a series of quite hilarious scenarios which make it impossible for them to find a place to actually ‘do the deed’.

It all takes place in 24 hours and by the time it is over the two men discover that ……….no, you really should see the movie to find out.

Now Jim Fall has just announced that he  will  write, direct and co-produce a Trick sequel that he plans will be in movie theaters in 2019 .  Apart from saying that the script has already been written and the action has now been switched from NY to Los Angeles, Fall has said little else besides the fact that he will probably use Kickstarter to help raise the necessary funds.

There is however one added piece of really excellent news as Fall has stated that Miss Coco Peru will definitely be starring in this highly anticipated sequel. 

It just so happens that the legendary lady is currently heading to Provincetown to bring her new show The Taming of The Tension to the Pilgrim House  for a couple of weeks.  Queerguru already has a date with her to film an interview and so amongst the  many things we are planning to ask her will be for her to share whatever she knows about Trick 2.  Watch this space.


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