Sunday, August 12th, 2018

It’s CARNIVAL WEEK in PTown & more faces (and bodies) are watching QUEERGURU TV

It’s the beginning of CARNIVAL WEEK here in #PTown so we are meeting a lot of new faces (and bodies) who are joining the tribe watching QUEERGURU TV inc Brian Justin Crum. STAR BOYSAmy Armstrong & Freddy AllenRandy Harrison Unitard Comedy Nick Cearley The Skivvies Steve Grand and many more


P.S. Queerguru would love you to bits if you did us one tiny favor.  Despite the fact that we have had almost 280K hits on YouTube (yeah!) they will not give us a single cent of the advertising money that they make off us until we have more subscribers.  Won’t cost you a dime,  but it will help support our site. Just simply click on the link below.  Thank you very much!

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