Thursday, August 9th, 2018

Queerguru to be One in 40 Grand Marshalls @PTown’s Carnival Parade

It was great surprise (and honor) to start the day off to receive an invitation for Queerguru’s Editor Roger Walker-Dack to be one of the Grand Marshalls of PTown’s Mardi Gras By The Sea Carnival.

The Provincetown Business Guild who organise the Event wrote: 

To select a grand marshal for our 40th anniversary of Carnival, we asked the greater Provincetown community and Provincetown Business Guild members to submit nominations. We received over 1000+ responses through Provincetown Facebook pages and other polls.

A group of Guild members, including current and former board members, had a lively discussion and concluded that one person could not fill the shoes of our 40th anniversary Carnival Grand Marshal, thus we decided to celebrate this milestone year with 40 individuals and groups.

Provincetown is the magical and special place we know and love because of the hundreds of people that live, work and play here. We know that we could never possibly capture all of that energy, however we settled on 40 to honor this important anniversary.

This list features individuals and groups who have made a significant impact on Provincetown in the following areas and intersections:
· Arts and entertainment
· Activism
· Hospitality, tourism and commerce
· Local leadership, Guild leadership, and stewards of the next generation.

We honor and thank our 40 for 40 grand marshals for their important contribution to Provincetown’s historic LGBTQ community, a destination and our beautiful home by the sea. We look forward to cheering them on in the Carnival Parade.

Queerguru is based in Ptown for the entire summer and have already made 60 videos this year for our The Passion Of PTown project that features performers, artists and events that make this tip of Cape Cod such a magical place.  We are extremely grateful for the very positive responses to this and also to the recognition of our work by the PBG,  and are very delighted to accept the kind invitation of being One in 40 Grand Marshalls.

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