Saturday, August 11th, 2018

RED HOT goes man-hunting in Muscle Beach, L.A.


British photographer Thomas Knights and Art Director Elliott James Freize are working on their first ever American edition of their famous Red Hot Boys Calendar.  Ther have selected 12 of America’s sexiest redheads from their online model search, using Instagram and Facebook to discover the hottest new talent, and then whizzed over to Muscle Beach in L.A. to create some magic.

In the UK the highly successful calendar is now in its 6th year and going from strength to strength as it seems no-one can get enough of red hot men, especially when they lose all their inhibitions  and clothes.

Now you too can get involved in the action from the comfort of your home by supporting Knight’s KIckstarter Fund to help get this project going.  He’s promising all sorts of  goodies in return for your support, so go check it out.  At the very least, pre-order a calendar.  You so won’t regret it.


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