Friday, September 14th, 2018

After Forever


The real joy of this excellent new LGBT web series on Amazon Prime is that it is a story about love and loss with gay men in their mid 50’s and without a single twink or millenial in sight.

Brian (Kevin Spirtas ) and Jason (Mitchell Anderson) lead a near perfect life in Manhattan .  Married and together for 15 years, blissfully happy with a very comfortable lifestyle, and great tight circle of best friends.  Until one day the stomach cramps that Jason has been complaining off are diagnosed as stage 4 cancer.

Very soon after Brian is widowed and dealing with his unexpected grief and loss, and also with his well-meaning close friends constantly egging him to move on  and start a new chapter.

Each episode is about 11 minutes long and they reel you in with this beautiful tale that alternates from being sad and funny so you cannot fail to be invested in the outcome.  It’s a delightfully sharp witty script that Spirtas co-wrote with Emmy-nominated television writer, playwright Michael Slade, and has the added plus of having an ‘a list’ cast.  

It features Tony Award winner Cady Huffman,  Drama Desk Award winner Michael Urie Anita Gillette and even has Jim Newman one of the very well preserved original Village People in it.

As the title suggests it is the scenario of what happens when you lose your ‘happy ever after relationship’  when you are forced to accept that it wasn’t forever after all. The odds on Brian making a much better job of that than most of us is very high indeed, and we cannot wait to see Season 2 to discover how it all pans out  


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