Sunday, September 16th, 2018

At The End Of The Day


At The End of The Day is one of those films that are so full of good intentions yet somehow gets so wrapped up in its own cliched preaching that it just stretches one patience way past one’s comfort zone.

It’s the story of the battle between an Evangelical Christian College and a local LGBT Support Group who both want the same piece of valuable property  which at the start of the story is the Support Group’s to lose.  Dave Hopper (Stephen Shane Martin) the new Psychology Professor  at the college who just has crept back into town after his wife ran off with another woman, takes on the role of infiltrating the group to see what their plans are.

It’s a small diverse group that manages to cover a great deal of the LGBTQ spectrum who accept Dave without question because ‘he looks gay’. Although he is a staunch Christian he has no qualms on playing a few dirty tricks on the group to salvage their fund-raising efforts, even though what they want the building for is a much needed  Homeless Shelter for LGBTQ youth.

With his students at school, Dave uses the Bible like a religious form of Google conveniently quoting the appropriate parts to reinforce the College’s rampant homophobia.  It’s all part of a somewhat clumsy and predictable storyline that exaggerates the College’s propaganda, but in the end Dave still clings to his own heterosexuality but at least now embraces those gay ones by the time the final credits role.

The indoctrination of LGBTQ adolecents is indeed a very serious subject, and their  continued rejection by family , schools and churches are stories that need to be told.  Preferably much better than this.

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