Thursday, September 20th, 2018

Desperately seeking Liza Minnelli(s)


Jonny Woo’s spectacular Un-Royal Variety is back for its third year running and this year you could actually be part of this totally unmissable star-studded ensemble of talented queens and queers in London’s East End .   Mr Woo …… many call him Jonny ….. wants to establish a new world record for the number of Liza Minnelli’s singing ‘Ring Them Bells’ on stage at the Hackney Empire at the same time. ……. he wants at least 100 Liza’s with a Z .    

Fancy your chances to appear on a program that includes feminist comedienne Adrienne Truscotte alongside opera cabaret star, Le Gateau Chocolat and in another mind blowing collaboration, CHRISTEENE and Lucy McCormick cooking up a one-of-a-kind duet.  Plus last year’s rising comedy star Mawaan Rizwan;  Brandon Olson to create a new Downtown NYC performance;  Bourgeois & Maurice, TV’s comic powerhouse Jayde Adams, London’s top drag stand-up Myra Dubois, East End original and Bloolips performer, Lavinia Co-op, young upstart and star of Jonny’s Cult London Club The Glory, Margo Marshal and of course the much loved Kate Middleton Choir

Jonny’s show is an anarchic queer take on the annual Royal Variety Show  and its always sells out well before the day, so you’ll need to grab tickets now whilst there are still some left.  That is if you are not going to apply to be a Liza Minnelli . 

However if do want to Ring Them Bells send Jonny a message asap on

19 & 20 Oct 2018


P.S. here’s a trailer from the 2016 Show to get you into the mood :

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