Saturday, December 1st, 2018

I Miss You When I See You


This latest movie from openly gay Hong Kong filmmaker Simon Chung is a sensitive tale about two souls who are quietly struggling about making the right choice.  Should they follow their hearts or society’s expectations?

Kevin moved to Australia with his family when he was still in High School. Leaving his best friend Jamie was the hardest thing he had to do, and on their last night together they were tentatively just taking their very first kiss when they were roughly disturbed by policeman who put an end to it. Now grown up and suffering from depression,  Kevin (Jun LI ) leaves the facility he has been living in and flies back to Hong Kong to seek out Jamie (Bryant Ji-Lok Mak).

Despite the fact his old friend is very pleased to see him and offers him a couch to sleep on, there is the matter of the fact that Jamie now has a girlfriend.  Elaine (Candy Cheung) is suspicious about the sudden arrival of Kevin and even though both men cannot realise yet that they have feelings for each other, she very soon cottons on to this fact.

Chung unfolds the tale at a gentle pace as Kevin gets established back in Hong Kong.  He may not have shaken off his depression and although still something of a loner, he is not morose. After a confrontation with Jamie who demands to know the real reason why he returned to Hong Kong, Kevin moves out and keeps his distance.

Like many bisexual men Jamie reacts to the fact that he is starting to realise the depth of his feelings for Kevin, by proposing marriage to Elaine!

Throughout Chung always hints that both men will make the right choice, but keeps them and us in suspense to the end.

I Miss You When I See You is intriguing and well-thought through and is finely nuanced piece that was extremely watchable.

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