Friday, December 28th, 2018

My Brother


My Brother is an award-wnning Spanish short film that starts when a phone call to Alberto (Álvaro de Juan ) informs him that his 15 year old brother  Luis has just died.   His mother is reluctant to give any details to Alberto before he gets the first flight out of Berlin to fly home to his small rural Spanish village.

He had left home after his time at Madrid University had shown him that he could live happily as a gay man, and now employed as a comic illustrator shared his life with his boyfriend Nick (Jeff Frey ).  It was a part of his life he chose not to share with his ultra-conservative parents, but had no alternative than to make them face reality when he discovered how his young sibling had died.

This wee very touching story written and directed by Miguel Lafuente neatly deals with the very real consequences when parents cannot accept the truth. 

Here is a link for the whole film: 

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