Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

(Re) Discovering Yesterday


In this new rom/com directed by  Danny Boyle  (Trainspotting) from a script by Richard Curtis  (Four Weddings And A Funeral),  Brit newcomer Himesh Patel plays Jack Malik a struggling musician who gets knocked over by a bus and takes a very nasty clonk to the head and then wakes up in in a parallel universe that thinks he’s composed Beatle song catalogue as no-one has ever heard of them. 

Kate McKinnon is his talent agent who presumably milks this new-found gold mine of tunes for all its worth,  the ‘rom’ part looks like being provided by Lily James as Malik’s friend Elli, and Ed Sheeran has a cameo part playing himself.

Universal Pictures will release the movie in the US on June 28th 2019

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