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Interested In : a contemporary coming out story about losing your virginity and more


Michael Witkes is the latest in a stream of gays actor who have created a web series which not acts as their therapy as they are based on their own lifes, but they also write themselves a plummy starring role too.  Whereas Jack Tracy’s entertaining series History  (we recently reviewed here) is based on him getting over an ‘ex’, Witkes’ story  is about coming out of the closet and starting out to enjoy his sexuality. 

In ‘Interested In’ Witkes plays Parker a college student in Philadelphia who doesn’t want to waste any time losing his virginity.   His attempts  are awkward at first as he  tries to grapple with all the etiquette required in hooking up for sex.  Nowadays when even heterosexuls are also obsessed with online ‘dating’ sites there is no stigma at all attached to a young gay man who relies on his Grindr profile to get the life experiences he so wants to try.

Parker is a disarmingly charming self-declared twink who thought just coming out of the closet would be the tough part and that it would all be plain sailing from now on.   It’s not that being gay in his world is difficult at al  but as we all know from our own experiences the theory is so much more different than the actual reality.  So each episode has our young ‘hero’ going one step forward ……although in Episode 4 it is almost backwards as he he drunkenly  makes a move on his ex-girlfriend.

Interested In, which has picked a few Awards already is a cute and funny look at a contemporary coming-of-age story that is not shy in showing Parker and his conquests in several states of undress. 

Season One is now available to view on Dekkoo

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