Friday, March 15th, 2019

Jack (Tracy) is Back with a 3rd Season of his LGBT web series that we are so addicted too


Jack’s back .  As if we could keep him (and hs character Jaime away) !   The critically-acclaimed #LGBT web series  HISTORY that the entire Queerguru Team is addicted too is back with its 3rd season.

History is  the creation of one of its stars Jack Tracy (he’s the one with THE hair) who plays a sassy NY lawyer who initially was having trouble getting over his ex- .  You’ll spot in Series 3 that  it looks like he is really succeeding as he is now hooked up with handsome Brit Mark (James Evans)  …..(n.b. there is not one ugly person in this entire cast).  They are at one of those events that only gay people do with any style: a cat funeral.

Their grief however does not in anyway stop Jaime and Mark discussing the possibility of inviting someone to join them for their first threesome., a conversation which takes on more urgency when they spot Brandon across the other side of the too.

Even though its seems like all Jaimie’s wisecracking clique of close friends are now partnered up, it is after all only the first episode of the 3rd season, so who knows what on earth will happen.  Even Jaime’s mother takes a sanguine view of her son’s relationship refusing to meet Mark for the time being just to be sure he hangs around for a while. But then again she and Jaime have their own issues to sort through 

What we love about this smart and funny group of successful Manhattan gay man is their full time obsessions with other men which so very often turns out to have such hilarious consequences.  There is a reason for this as Jaime explains : his dick thinks so much more differently  than his brain.  They are an articulate, quick-witted charming bunch all of whom seem to have been blessed with a very wicked dry sense of humor that we cannot but help to fall for.  Maybe it’s because we would like to see some of ourselves in them …..minus Jack/Jamie’s hair of course.

Season 3 of HISTORY on You Tube can be watched free at http://necessaryoutlet.com/ and you’ll probably end up binge watching them all at once


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