Sunday, June 9th, 2019

HM The Queen bestows a few more Honors


HM The Queen has had Buckingham Palace completely fumigated after the recent trailer trash visitors who were imposed on her  (Shame on you Mrs May for putting her through it). Now she can get back to enjoying life and do what she has being so well for over 60 years and running the Country.

Twice a year she dolls out Honors  to recognise good works and important contributions to society by people from all walks of life in the UK and the 16 countries that remain in the  Commonwealth  It’s a tradition that goes back centuries and nowadays HM is advised by an Honors Committee to who deserves to be singled out.

.The whole process is still shrouded in a great deal of mystery but anyone can be nominated and vetted in depth for inclusion.  Most Brits still love the concept of it all, especially when they are on receiving end, and the bi-annual Official Announcements always attractive an enormous amount of media attention especially when the recipients are famous figures

Lats week we had he Birthday Honours which are awarded as part of the Queen’s Official Birthday celebrations during the month of June when she first ascended to the Throne (she also has a ‘real’ birthday too).

A very big change to the Honors List over the years is the number of LGBTQ folks are inclyded as are some of our most important allies too.  Here are just a few that were included this week.

Simon Russell-Beale once called  “the greatest stage actor of his generation’ by The Independent  was knighted so now becomes Sir Simon.


Lesbian author Sarah Waters  ‘(Tipping The Velvet’) is is now an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE). .

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