Saturday, June 22nd, 2019

Camp Chaos : a review of Matthew Camp’s new explicit movie


Hottie actor/model/designer Matthew Camp has one of the raunchiest Instagram accounts we have ever come across.  Never hesitant about shedding his clothes and sharing his fit tattooed body that he is  rightfully very proud of.  Camp is also the host of Happie Camper a weekly radio show with his co-host @bigpisstits and a recent guest was Boomer Banks the porn star.

Camp first came across our radars in 2013 when he starred in Getting Go: The Go Doc Project directed by Cory Krueckeberg.  It was the story of a shy but smitten college boy who pursues a NY go-go boy through the pretext of making a documentary film about him, with the guys knowing each other only as “Doc” and “Go.”  Camp was a go-go dancer  at the time so it was no real stretch for him but he nevertheless did light up the screen and receive some good reviews for his role.

Now he has reunited with Krueckeberg for this new fantasy X-rated documentary where he sets out to recreate some of his sultriest sexual memories.  You are aware of this the very first moment the film starts when we see a naked Camp tending to his hothouse plants before he tends to himself.

Then we see him online chatting with a series of random (but good looking guys) to see if their sexual fantasies are in line with his.  Credit here to Krueckeberg for some very neat editing which adds to the pace and the building expectations.

It all leads to a very explict hardcaire sex scene as Camp has finally recruited someone to re-stage a memory from his past that he has been clinging on too.  Somehow they make the scene very sensual but managing to keep it playful at the very same time.

No doubt the film, which is the first episode in a forthcoming series,  will revive the age old question of what is pornography and what is art. It seems to us that as there is more of an acceptance of nudity generally online (except for Tumblr) it’s time to rethink some our more puritanical attitudes and to appreciate that the physical act of sex can be immensely watchable without the need of guilt or censorship. 

And there could be no better place to start than with this beautifully filmed new series  with Matthew Camp.


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