A Call Girl aka Slovenian Girl

Aleksandra is desperate to escape the small industrial town where she grew up and move to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, and to fund her studies and the expensive apartment she is buying there she advertises her services as a prostitute in the classified ads.  This is the year that it is Slovenia’s turn at … Continue reading

A Cure For Wellness

The only thing in the way of an essential Wall Street merger is the agreement and signature of the company’s CEO, but the trouble is he has upped and taken himself off to a mysterious Swiss Wellness Center from which he is refusing to leave.  The frustrated Board of Directors who desperately need the deal … Continue reading

A Dangerous Method

  This should have been subtitled ‘all you need to know about how psychoanalysis was first created when Freud & Jung decided all our behavioral ‘problems’ were based on sexual hang-ups’.  Of course in David Cronenberg’s movie, almost drowning in dialogue, the psycho-babble between these two great men in particular gives a much more refined take than I do on this … Continue reading

A Finished Life : The Goodbye & No Regrets Tour

  Gregg Cour is a 48 year old  gay man with AIDS who, after being HIV+ for half of his life has decided that he simply does not want to start yet a new regime of different medications. As he explains, after a while the body comesimmune to drugs taken continually and hence the need to … Continue reading

A Matter of Size

Herzi, a very likable obese man, living in a small town in Israel, gets mad when he is thrown out of his Dieting Club by its skinny tyrannical leader who calls him a whale cos he is actually putting on weight, and then he gets fired from his job as a Chef at a Salad … Continue reading

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