A Perfect Man

James is an architect with a wandering eye and when Nina his publisher wife catches him with his latest paramour, who happens to be her best friend and the wife of James’s business partner, she calls it a day and storms off out of their apartment and marriage too. After she leaves James finishes his … Continue reading

A Perfect Plan aka Un Plan Parfait

Isabelle is in love with Pierre. She has been so since they met at Dentistry school and now that they are all grown up and working together in their own Practice in Paris, life is perfect for the pair.  Well almost. Isabelle would like to get married, start a family and spend the rest of her life … Continue reading

A Place At The Table

This quietly unassuming new documentary is unquestionably one of the most powerful sobering wake-up calls I have sat and watched for a very long time. Without any of the dramatic shock tactics and megaphone shouting of high profile exposes from the likes of filmmakers such as Michael Moore, the movie carefully rolls out a stream of the … Continue reading

A Quiet Passion

For his latest cinematic treat the veteran British auteur Terence Davies has written and directed a visually stunning period-drama biopic on the great American poet Emily Dickinson. Born into a prominent Massachusetts family in 1830, but Davies starts his story when as a rather troublesome young woman, Emily (Emma Bell) is cutting short her studies at Mount … Continue reading

A Royal Affair

Poor Caroline Mathilda didn’t have a lot going for her.  As a teenage British Princess back in the late 18th Century she was betrothed to her royal husband sight unseen and he turned out to be infantile and deranged.  Nevertheless she was shipped off to the snowy back and beyond of Denmark to be it’s … Continue reading

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