A Second Chance

It’s only the ‘goodies’ that get a second chance in this new rather overwrought melodrama from Danish Oscar winning director Susanne Bier as the ‘baddies’ evidently do not deserve to dig themselves out of the hell holes of lives they have ended up with.  The action starts with Police Detective Andreas and his partner Simon bursting into a squalid … Continue reading

A Skin So Soft ….. on men so hard

  There is something uncomfortably riveting about French/Canadian filmmaker Denis Côté documentary that really brings out the voyeur in you.  In this almost silent look at half a dozen bodybuilders he invites us to observe their complete obsession with their bodies which dominates their lives complete. Each gram of food is weighed meticulously, every daily … Continue reading

A Teacher

Diana is a successful high school teacher, liked by her students, and admired by her colleagues. However, unbeknown to any of them, she is having a furtive affair with Eric one of the teenage boys in her class.  It is purely sexual and mutually consensual but it carries with it enormous risks, particular for Diana. … Continue reading


This is acclaimed director Jia Zhang-ke’s haunting and devastating take on how the rapid economic expansion of China is hitting the majority of people in these four separate stories of unparalleled violence. The first tale is of Dahai an ex-miner who goes on a rampage after he fails to report the Village Chief for selling … Continue reading

A Year By The Sea

Joan Anderson’s best selling memoir A Year By The Sea about when she took herself off from her moribund marriage after she became an empty nester, has finally been adapted into a movie.  The story however is less about falling out of love with her rather whiny husband Robin (Michael Cristofer) (who would frankly test the … Continue reading

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