Brandy Burre is a character actress …. or rather was one when she appeared in the third and fourth season of HBO’s The Wire some eight years ago. Now she is a housewife and the mother of two small children living quite a comfortable existence in suburban Beacon in upstate New York with her restaurateur boyfriend … Continue reading

Adult World

Amy is a poet.  And a rather annoying whiny one at that. Just recently graduated from Syracuse University with a massive student loan debt and living with parents who’s bank accounts she has drained and who’s patience she has finally exhausted, her life is a mess. No local employer wants to employ a Poetry Major so … Continue reading

Advanced Style

Five years ago Ari Seth Cohen took to the streets of Manhattan armed with his camera looking for old ladies. Not just any elderly dears but photographing fashionable women in their ’70’s, ’80s and beyond having being inspired by his own grandmother who made him appreciate senior style icons who life live to the fullest. … Continue reading

After Lucia aka Después de Lucía

Life after Lucia dies in a fatal car accident is tough on her husband Roberto and teenage daughter Alejandra, and to help deal with their heartbreak and grief they up sticks and leave their family home in Puerto Vallarta to start a new life in Mexico City. Roberto is a chef and plans to start his … Continue reading

After Parkland: how a community comes to terms with tragedy

  This is probably the most sobering documentary we have watched for a very long time.  The details of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida that left 17 dead and another 17 injured two years ago were covered in depth by the media at the time, but that still doesn’t … Continue reading

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