Alive and Kicking

In our present day culture when our eyes are more likely to be glued to our cellphone screens rather than each other, it’s particularly refreshing to come across new-found excitement for a craze that is sweeping the globe which demands that we are set aside our personal tech gadgets and get fully immersed with our … Continue reading

Alive Inside

I cannot remember exactly how social worker Dan Cohen came across his amazing discovery but what we can see from this heart-warming documentary about him putting it in to practice is the undisguised joy from all the people who are reaping from his ‘invention’. Cohen established that elderly hospitalized patients numbed the cruel ravages of … Continue reading


  Alex ekes out a living as a small-time drug dealer in Paris.  He’s 27 and single but any chance he has of ever having a happy existence is scuppered by his walking disaster of an older brother Isaac who he is constantly bailing out for the substantial debts he has somehow amassed with some … Continue reading

All Good Things

In October 2001 Robert Durst, a member of a wealthy NY real estate dynasty, was on the run after being accused of murder/s, and he was eventually caught  when simply trying to steal a chicken sandwich even though he had a stash of cash on him.  I should add that at the time of his … Continue reading

All in All aka La Suerte En Tus Manos

  Would I appear a tad jaded if I described this new Argentinian romantic comedy as a little too close to a love affair itself i.e. starts off really well but confusion sets in and ends quite badly? What is real surprising though is that despite this, Daniel Burman’s movie picked up a Best Screenplay Award at the Tribeca Film Festival … Continue reading

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