It’s New Year Eve in Rome, and Adelchi is fussing around his apartment making sure everything is just perfect as he has a hot date. He’s been chatting online with Claudio for some time now  ….. or has he? Turns out that his intended is rather an introvert so his room-mate sister has been pretending … Continue reading

Goodbye To All That

Marathon runner Otto Wall was so obsessed with his training schedule and winning trophies to impress Edie his young daughter, that he failed to notice that his wife Annie didn’t share his enthusiasm for his passion or for him either.  When she asked him to join her for a session with a Therapist that he … Continue reading

Grace of Monaco

This story of the beautiful Oscar Winning movie star who swapped being Hollywood royalty for her own real life Prince Charming who swept her off her feet, starts almost at the beginning.  Its the final day on the Set of ‘High Society’ the last movie that Grace Kelly will ever make, and the very next day … Continue reading


When John is not goofing off with his best friend Shane, he is driving his taxi around some of the more seedier downtrodden neighborhoods on the fringes of Dublin looking for fares. Pickings are slim and he pleads with his boss to give him more shifts to make ends meet.  He needs the money to … Continue reading


Have no great expectations of Mike Newell’s new much abridged version of Charles Dicken’s classic story but you will  at least get a real visual treat that Oscar nominated cinematographer John Mathieson has created here with his dramatically lit sweeping landscapes. Of all the previous 18 + times this story has been brought to the big and … Continue reading

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