Into The Woods

Hollywood has a knack of bungling the adaption of hit Broadway musicals when it tries to capture the same magic for the silver screen. Just think of the turgid ‘Les Miserables’ in 2012, or the excruciatingly painful ‘Nine’ in 2009.  However when they get it right as with Tim Burton’s take on ‘Sweeney Todd’, or discovering … Continue reading

I Am Love

  In this saga of the Recchi dynasty, who are one of the leading aristocratic families in Milan, we see a way of life that is fading like its dying patriarch as they struggle to come to terms with contemporary society.  As wealthy as they are.  and waited on hand and foot at every juncture, … Continue reading


This overwhelmingly sad and somewhat dispiriting movie’s powerful narrative about an African slave is actually based on a true story.  Twelve year old Malia is abducted from her mountain village in Sudan by Arab militia and sold into slavery to a vile woman in Khartoum who treats her inhumanly and even beats her for actually … Continue reading

I Am Yours

Newbie Norwegian filmmaker Iram Haq’s new drama is based on her own life and her struggle as a woman caught between two cultures. Struggling actress Mina, a second-generation immigrant, is an attractive 27 year old divorcee who shares custody of her 6 year old son with her ex-husband, a successful architect, and his new wife … Continue reading


Veteran actress Charlotte Rampling is in great demand these days averaging three new movies a year.  Like fellow Brit Kirstin Scott Thomas, Ms Rampling successfully flits back and forth to Europe and is equally at home making both French and English movies.  It would be interesting to know what criteria she uses to make her … Continue reading

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