The best part of this disappointing mish-mash of a film is the opening sequence which is footage of Yves St Laurent announcing to the world that he is about to retire. In a highly dramatic speech that he stumbles through in which, amongst other things, he confesses to the demons (drink and drugs) he has … Continue reading


This is a tale of a family that has secrets that it keeps from each other, until they get found out that is. It centers on two sisters : 20 something-year-old Dana (Jenny Slate) who is almost grown up, or so she thinks. She works as a copywriter at a trendy Manhattan magazine, and lives … Continue reading


Ruben is a solitary man well suited to the interminable loneliness of being a long-distance truck driver.  In the opening minutes of the film we see him setting off on a journey from Paraguay back to Argentina with his long trailer loaded with logs and seemingly content to settle into his rigid regime of his … Continue reading


Michael and Joanna, a glamorous young married couple, are at a cocktail party in Manhattan when Joanna meets Laura, one of her husband’s work colleagues that he has surprisingly failed to mention is stunningly beautiful. Joanna suspects him of flirting with her (but who can blame him when the party looks so boring) and when … Continue reading


Thirtysomething Laurence is a very successful and popular high school teacher, and loves his girlfriend Fred and their very full and happy life together in Montreal. Yet despite all that he has going for him he always has a perpetual nagging sensation that something is amiss.  Deep down he has always really known that essentially he feels … Continue reading

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