This Is Where I Leave You

The ‘leaving’ in the title of this rather frenetic comedy refers to death and divorce and a few other departures in between. Everybody in the Altman family has both issues and secrets and the set up for us (and them) to discover them all is when the patriarch dies and his widow (their mother) insists that … Continue reading


From the photo on the poster showing a rather stunned Sean Penn ‘dragged up’ as a lookalike of The Cure’s Robert Smith you sense that  there is another superlative performance in store in a potentially fascinating new movie.  But nothing is ever what it first seems, and the masterful Penn playing Cheyenne a bored and depressed … Continue reading

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

  If there was any  real justice in the world then Mildred Hayes would find her daughter’s killer, and also Frances McDormand who portrays the angry mother in this movie about her, will be a shoo-in for a nomination for a Best Actress Academy Award when they are announced. This new enthralling black comedy from … Continue reading

Three Identical Strangers

Most Americans old enough to remember the 1980’s will be familiar with the story of the triplets separated at birth and adopted by different families who then by sheer fluke found each other when they were 19 years old.  However, most of the media coverage at that time and the endless round of TV Chat Shows that … Continue reading


Al is about to win the Lottery. Or the equivalent of it.  In 10 days time he will be promoted to General Manager of car dealership in a Parisian suburb where he started out as a lowly mechanic years ago,  and he will be given a 25% stake in the business, and he gets to … Continue reading

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